Genset Cummins Diesel Genset Cummins KTA19-G3 450 Kva

Introduction - For Your Need To Know

The KTA19-Series benefits from years of technical development and improvement to bring customers an innovative and future proof diesel engine that keeps pace with ever changing generator set requirements.  Recognized globally for its performance under even the most severe climatic conditions, the KTA19-Series is widely acknowledged as the most robust and cost-effective diesel engine in its power range for the generator set market.

The Cummins KTA Series Are The Family Engine Very Well Known In The World and Till Now Still Produce. Cummins KTA Series Basically have A 3 Varian Engine  : KTA 19 ; 18.9 Liter\19.000 cc - Turbocharged aftercooled ; KTA 38 ; 37.8 Liter\38.000 cc - Turbocharged AfterCooled and KTA 50 ; 50.3 Liter\50.000 cc - Turbocharged Aftercooled. And Each Of Them have a Different Engine Output.


Aftercooler – Large capacity after cooler results in cooler, denser intake air for more efficient combustion and reduced internal stresses for longer life.  

Fuel System – Cummins exclusive lowpressure PT™ system with wear compensating pump and integral dual flyweight governor. Camshaft actuated fuel injectors give accurate metering and timing. Fuel lines are internal drilled passages in cylinder heads. Spin-on fuel filter.  

Cylinder Block – Alloy cast iron with removable wet liners. Cross bolt support to main bearing cap provides extra strength and stability.  

Service and Support - G-Drive products are backed by an uncompromising level of technical support and after sales service, delivered through a world class service network.

Turbocharger – Cummins Turbo Technologies (CTT) exhaust gas driven turbocharger mounted at top of engine provides more power, improved fuel economy, altitude compensation, and lower smoke and noise levels.  

Cooling System – Gear driven centrifugal water pump. Large volume water passages provide even flow of coolant around cylinder liners, valves, and injectors. Bypass thermostats regulate coolant temperature. Spin-on corrosion resistors check rust and corrosion, control acidity and remove Impurities.

These Diesel Engine Have a 448 Kwm@RPM 1500, Gross Engine Power Output,  and  511 Kwm@RPM1800 Gross Engine Power Output At The Peak Power ( 110%).

Genset Cummins KTA19-G3  450 Kva  diesel generator set is subjected to a comprehensive test program which includes 50% load, 75% load, 100% load, 110% load and the checking and proving of all control and safety shut-down functions.
Equipped with battery charger and 12V high performance maintenance-free sealed lead-acid starting batteries and connecting with cables.
Equipped with industrial silencer and flexible exhaust hose.
Equipped with 8-hours operation base tank;
Equipped with CHINT MCCB circuit breaker;
Genset Cummins KTA19-G3       450 Kva Designed to Comply with ISO8528/GB2820;
Powered by Cummins engine and coupled with alternator such as Shenzhou, Engga, Stamford, Mecc Alte, leroy somer and so on.


Introduction - 

For your information, Diesel Generator Set ( Genset ) Cummins ini Menggunakan Type Engine KTA19-G3 , Dengan Configurasi 6 cylinder Inline Engine. Seri dan type Engine Cummins KTA19-G4 adalah bagian dari KT Series Family Engine Cummins yg terdiri 3 Type Engine  Yaitu : KTA19 ; 18.9 Liter\19.000cc - Turbocharged Aftercooled ; KTA38 ; 37.8 liter\38.00cc - Turbocharged Aftercooled ; KTA50 ; 50.3 Liter\50.000cc - Turbocharged Aftercooled, Dengan Output Power Engine  yg Berbeda-beda. Engine KTA19 -G3  ini adalah salah  Satu Type Engine dari Cummins yg sangat Handal, Efissien dan Compact dan sdh di lengkapi dengan Turbocharged After Cooled Untuk Meningkatkan Performance Engine Dari Torsi yg Paling Bawah sampai Peak Torsion ( Torsi Teratas ), Tanpa ada satu Moment Power hilang ( Power Losses ), dan Semua Lini Torsi Selalu Terisi Penuh. Sehingga Kehandalannya ini Sungguh Sangat di akui Oleh Competitornya. Salah Satu Ciri Engine Cummins yg tangguh ini Terbukti Ketika Engine Ini di Beban Pada Peak Power ( 100%) dengan Durasi yg Cukup Lama Tanpa Terjadi Sesuatu. Sehingga Engine Cummins Terkenal Sebagai Engine Heavy Duty. Meskipun Engine ini belum Memenuhi Regulasi Uji Emisi Euro. Akan Tetapi Justru Engine ini Lebih Mudah dan Sangat Simple Perawatannya Sehingga Sangat Menguntungkan Bagi Penggunanya salah satu contohnya adalah ; Untuk Wilayah\Teritori di mana Kualitas BBM-nya Tidak harus Mensyaratkan Dengan Menggunakan Kadar Cetane tinggi dan Sulfur yg Rendah Maka Engine cummins ini pun masih mampu untuk mengkonsumsi Fuel ( Solar ) Dengan tingkat sulfur yg Tinggi ( Masih mampu mengkonsumsi Solar dengan Kualitas yg kurang Bagus ). 

Generator Set ini Di Coupled Dengan alternator Stamford. Salah Satu Perusahaan yg Membuat alternator Ternama yang berasal dari Inggris yg Memiliki Reputasi Kelas Dunia yg Sangat Teruji Kehandalannya.

Spec and Data Sheet : 

Engine Type KTA 19-G3 ; Turbo Charged Aftercooled ; 6 cylinder Inline Engine ; Direct Injection ; 4 Stroke ; Bore x Stroke 159 x 159 mm ; Displacement 18.9 Liter/19.000 cc ; Compression Ratio 13.9 : 1 ; Oil Capacity 50 Liter ; Generator Stamford, 1500 Rpm, 50 Hz, 220/380 Volt, 3 Phase, Pf 0,8 dengan kapasitas 450 Kva Prime rating atau 360 Kw Prime Rating. 

Scoupe Of Supply :

Digital control panel by deepsea or Similar, MCCB, muffler, flexible muffler, daily tank, battery with cable battery, Certificate Of Origin, Manual Book.

Warranty :

Garansi 1 tahun / 2000 jam operasi mana yang tercapai terlebih dahulu dan semua unit yg kami delivery sudah dilakukan test loadbank Di Workshop sebagai Standard Operasional Prosedure.

Harga :



Detail Price And Specifation By Requested